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We’ve spent years creating ideal trading conditions and developing very special promotions that will not only make our clients happy, but also maximize their Forex efficiency.If you were looking for a reliable and honest broker, we’ve got good news for you — you’ve finally found one. 80% of ORYX clients stay with us forever, and that’s for a reason.


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ORYX Global Traders DMCC is registered with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. The DMCC is an independent government department and independently supervises and manages corporate trade, operations, investment behavior, financial products and services in accordance with the law; it is the regulator of the banking industry in Dubai, securities, foreign exchange, insurance, etc.; it is an important part of Dubai’s financial system. component.

The DMCC has established several trading platforms. The gold trading volume in the DMCC accounts for about 25% of the global gold trade. Most of the transactions are conducted in the DMCC Free Zone. The Dubai Diamond Exchange is the only diamond and colored gem exchange in the Middle East


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