Speculate On The Spot Metals Market

Spot Metals Trading

Spot Metals Trading

What are spot metals?

The natural properties of precious metals give them a high intrinsic value and helped make them one of the first forms of currency. The trading of spot metals, such as gold and silver, is appealing to active traders because of the high liquidity.

Like the forex market, political and economic events can significantly influence the price of previous metals and cause their values to fluctuate. In times of market uncertainty, people often turn to the security of precious metals, with gold perceived to be an excellent inflation hedge.

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Spot Metals Trading

How To Trade Metals ?

Metals have made their way into the portfolio of traders interested in keeping their trading balanced, because they are seen as inflation-proof. At ORYX, precious metals are quoted against the US Dollar.

This means that when you trade gold, for example, you speculate on whether the price of an ounce of gold will rise or fall in relation to the US Dollar. Let’s assume that gold is trading at $1,300.60. You think that the price is about to appreciate and buy 100 oz (or 1 lot) of XAU/USD.

The price moves higher to 1,305.80 and you decide to sell. Your profit is the difference between the closing and opening price (5.20) multiplied by the number of oz (100). Well done! You just made $520.

Spot Metals Trading

Trading metals with ORYX

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