Components of Artificial Intelligence


The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let The Machine Think

ORYX has implemented the best ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading system, which allows our fund manager trade without hassle. ORYX AI trading system integrates perfectly with the MAM trading software.

ORYX’s investors can enjoy the high efficiency of AI trading system which able to generate modest profit and advantages by making use of its simple and concise interface intuitive mode of trading record appearance and supportiveness of customized indicators.

The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

24 hours AI Trading

Captures every single profitable trend by integration of various technical and fundamental analysis. ORYX’s members can log in to their own individual MT5 account at anytime to check their personal information, trading records and results. ORYX’s transparency allows members to gain profits.

The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Core Technologies

Oryx AI Optimal

Utilising a large size to perform linear extrapolation and analysis.

Oryx AI Quantronic

The Oryx AI Quantronic expands the scopes of markets and can concurrently execute multiple strategies at high frequencies.

Oryx AI Metalline

Enhanced version of AI Quantronic that is able to learn and evolve independently, thereby providing more consistent and higher returns.

The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

8 Advantages of Oryx’s AI

  • Automatically Monitors Fx Currencies
  • Automatically Executes The Trading Strategy
  • Adapts To Market Changes
  • Self-learning And Analysis Of Large Data Samples Round The Clock
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Encryption Of Data To Protect Users’ Privacy
  • Provide Users With Ease Of Accessing All Transaction Data
  • Generating Passive Income Through Automated Ai Trading Systems
The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Trading Black Box

Given the limitations of Metaquotes Language for advanced AI models creation, our AI System works in conjunction with third party statistical analysis software using different coding environments.

The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Our Way Of Dealing With The Market

ORYX AI System is radically different from the majority of commercial trading systems which are based mostly on linear lagged technical indicators, price action or fundamental methods. Very often, those systems work for a while and then crash, probably because of the impossibility of modeling the non-linear dynamic of the financial markets, with classic linear tools. We employ the latest developments on the field of AI to overcome this limitation.

The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

ORYX AI Is Taking Over


Increase –  your profits in today’s volatile markets using the state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. Oryx AI is capable of generalizing correctly the future unseen data, making the odds to be inclined to the profitable zone. It’s pretty clear that human beings aren’t improving, but computers and algorithms are only getting faster and more intelligent.

The Oryx AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Fast and Robust

Parallel Processing – ORYX AI exploits the multithread/multicore capabilities of the latest AMD and Intel processors for model building and also to diminish the latency in real time trading decisions.

Big Data – ORYX AI has been exposed to enormous amounts of vectorized data of the latest years in order to learn from many market states resulting in a more consistent strategy. Non-linear AI technologies allows to model more efficiently the behavior of the current sentiment of the market.